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Taking The Biblical Approach 

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What is distinctive about Bible-based pastoral counseling?

As pastoral counselors, we believe there is a God or in whose image we are created. We believe that we yearn for a transforming connection with the divine and that counseling can mediate the loving and healing nature of being itself.

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We as pastoral counselors make therapeutic use of spiritual resources such as prayer, Scripture reading, and participation in the worship and community life of a good church congregation.

We will often pay special attention to the spiritual history of our client and the client's family, noting how it may contribute either to the pathology or to the resources needed for coping.

Talk to us soon to see how you can also benefit from the valuable resource available to you in sound, pastoral counseling.

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Dr. Bob Grammer

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About Dr. Bob Grammer

Dr. Grammer has had a life time of experience in ministry as well as the business world.

He has been an ordained minister of the gospel for 30 years serving churches in Texas and Missouri as well as serving in the Air Force Chaplaincy. His roles have always included extensive pastoral counseling as well as other pastoral duties.

When he was not serving in a full time pastorate position, he held several management and executive level positions in Fortune 500 companies. He understands the stresses and problems experienced in the corporate world.

After several years of trying to decide if he should become a License Professional Counselor or other professional State licensed individual in the mental health field, he decided to continue to approach counseling from a pastoral perspective. Only God can set people free. Thus, he has the freedom to use the Word of God in counseling and be guided by the Holy Spirit. He shares God's truth in love, not condemnation.

He believes that it is only through the truths of God's Word and our relationship and walk with God that we can truly be set free from internal conflict, and problems in relationships.

He attended Howard Payne University, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, North Texas State University, and Andersonville Theological Seminary. He earned his Doctorate in Pastoral Counseling through Andersonville. He is a Certified Biblical Counselor through Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

His professional memberships include the American Association of Christian Counseling and the Association of Biblical Counselors.

He counsels in all areas, but focuses and specializes in those enslaved (addicted) to substance abuse such as drugs and alcohol, as well as other addictive areas such as sexual, gambling, and other addictions. He also counsels in Marriage and Family, including pre-marital counseling. He also performs weddings to those that would like to marry in a sacred ceremony or renew their marriage vows.

He is married to his lovely wife Carolyn. He has one natural born daughter, Gena and four "adopted" daughters. He has three grandchildren, Joshua, Benea and Joseph.